The Canine Company

The Canine Company has a long history of providing services and products to pet owners. The company was founded by Henry and Carol Hill over thirty-five years ago. As pet owners themselves to a Basset Hound named Lucy, they decided to sell the invisible fence when they found it suited their needs to keep their pets contained and thought it could help other pet owners. The Canine Company has since expanded to sell other products and offer more services to pet owners.


What Is The Invisible Fence?

The Invisible Fence was created in 1973 and is an underground fence system. A wire is buried underneath the surface of the ground around a chosen perimeter. Your dog will wear a collar that will emit a sound when it comes close to the perimeter and with training learns to avoid the area that causes the collar to emit the warning sound. A transmitter will be placed in your garage to send the radio signal to the dog collar. Contact the canine Company for a free consultation regarding an invisible outdoor fence or to create an indoor pet-free zone with an invisible fence. The price of the invisible fence differs as it is customized to each person's needs.


Why Should I Choose The Invisible Fence?

There are many pet containment systems, but they are not all the same. The Canine company offers excellent service from a free consultation, sales, installation of the invisible fence and training sessions. The Canine Company offers a one-year equipment guarantee and a one-year pet containment guarantee for buyers who also purchase at least two training sessions for their pets. Keep your pet safe with the invisible fence. Read on Invisible Fence MA for more source.